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Biography - Biography of the Artist
Biography: After a few years of course at the school of the Art schools, Maïté very stopped not to be subject to an unspecified artistic influence. It is regarded more as one self-educated artist. Maïty painted since 20 years approximately, which it sees, but through one felt. She refuses any inspiration coming from the work of another artist, free to confine itself in a traditional painting, only inspired by her sensitivity and a research of authentic "I would be rather a painter of atmosphere. Environments felted, powdered, nimbées, veiled, have my favour. Water source of life, is one of my preferred topics. To collect its reflections ad infinitum, gets an immense joy to me ".

Artistic step: To concretize this research, Maïté Wininger was brought to expose, contribute, and has to learn that it practised a "aquarellée painting", made glacis, all in transparency. Each participation in a contest showed a price, the latest to date being the Medal of vermeil of the International Show of the "Creators of Today", in Arles, in 1998. I ceased contributing starting from this date. The annual exposure of the Lorraine Artists, of which it is member and member of the Committee, as a person in charge for the Communication, gives to him the opportunity to be active within the Jury.

Its creations propose an atmosphere which brings relaxation and serenity to that or that which looks at them.

logo_artistes_lorrains.gif Member of the Lorraine Artists
Member of the Artistic Circle Lunévillois
Cotation DROUOT

Maïté WININGER/TROTOT exposed in Germany, in Luxembourg, in the South of France

Bronze medal of the National Federation of the French Culture in 1997

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