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Press - Extracts of articles of press

Extract of article of press: L'Est-Républicain of June 2, 1992

"In the eyes, passion; in the fingers, the expression. From its walks in the area, it does not return any more since, without to have taken a photograph, or carried out a sketch; supports of which it is inspired to translate with the most possible intensity poetry and the often mysterious charm of small corners by countryside, or nature discovered with the complicity of the chance.

The world which perspires of the fabrics of Marie-Thérèse, it is before all that of the tormented ciels and the lights collected to give their force to the landscapes.

It is a message which resembles an anthem with nature. The poets wrote it on pages with their feathers, M.TH.Wininger fix it on its fabrics, touch by key, of its coloured brushes. The objects take them also another appearance, metamorphosed which they are by the delicate hand with the passing of years, without never betraying neither spontaneousness, nor the authenticity."
Maïté WININGER painted exclusively with oil on fabric of flax.


Extract of article of press: L'Est-Républicain of October 28, 2001

"The step of Marie-Thérèse WININGER-TROTOT is to paint with the method of the aquarellée oil glacis. This way of proceeding gives transparencies to its achievements which take éthérées forms!

A blur on its fabrics, like a veil of decency on the thoughts of the artist and his intimate moods.

The result is there, in front of the eyes of the visitors, landscapes
romantic and perhaps romantic, as those which one likes during adolescence, the time of daydreams and the dreams of happiness.

Marie Thérèse Wininger-Trotot who is one of the sure values of this show of Arts-Maxois and car the quality of the exposure upwards."



Extract of article of press: L'Est-Républicain of May 06, 2007





The watercolours of Maïté are taken on the sharp one, in its garden, to give all the freshness of the moment to its irises whose it raffole, so much the extent of their colors and forms brings the imagination of the moment present to him.

The approach of the watercolour being very different from that of the oil-base paint, enables him to excel in the drawing, and the spontaneousness of the gesture.



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