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Poems - Rhymes on a pallet...
The rhymes, quatrains, alexandrines are poetry The pallet of the painter is harmony.......

It is One evening of quiet, shaded nature
Sunbeams delicately buckled
Here and there, of the grasses so light which they seem winged
A foam made for the feet of a fairy.

Here it is a tree, a boat, is attached there there
And on the quivering wave, gently it dances
While reeds graciles, leaning head
While being reflected, follow rate.

It is a large field of corn to gilded ears
Timidly bending their stem charged
Under a sky with the threatening black clouds
The storm prepares its fury, it is, bright there.

It is This underwood with the multiple scents
Borrowing from the autumn its sharp colors
Listening to the harmonious rustle of the sheets which animates it
Laughing at the sun spots which illuminate it

It is the covered countryside of white feathers, winter landscape
Its covered trees of a crystal dress
It is faint nature, deadened
It is nearest waiting of a new life

It is too

My village with its charm and its secrecies
My village where all is calm or nothing is abstract
My village it is the escape, the dream or reality
My village it is for me the symbol of your amit ié.

Jacqueline SCHEIFFER

Creation date : 28/07/2007 @ 12:18
Last update : 08/08/2011 @ 17:33
Category : Poems
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