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Novels - Parfum des Sens
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LIVRE DEFINITIF_259x344px.jpgphoto de la couverture du roman "Ces 3 jours là..." lire un extrait du premier chapitre...
Novel of Mrs Th. Wininger

A trip across time
The past, the gift and future are part of it.
It takes you in an atmosphere
where colours have a preponderant place,
you will cross dark colour easily
in the most flamboyant, to arrive at the party
the most bright of his novel.


* * * *


Mary is twenty years old, a life of nice family,
however one day everything topples over...
Her arrival in a sordid building,
take you in a squalid world.
A confusion must occur, waited
as a premonitory phenomenon,
it got ready there...
Not enough...
Numerous are rebounds !


**** This novel arrived finalist in 2010

 of the annual big competition

 organized by

 " Editions of the New Authors "
Extract was chosen to be its neutrality, revealing in no way and
history and numerous rebounds
Any order will have to be placed to the author to following address :

In return, the author will announce you his coordinates, which will allow you to send him your regulations by cheque.
Price is 18€.
On receiving of your regulations, the book will be sent to you by return of post.
 ISBN    978-2-7466-1053-8
 EAN     9782746610538
 Pages   265
 Format 14,5 X 20,5 cm
 Price                              18€
Every book ordered directly to the author will be sent dedicated by this last.
Note of the author :
You can also obtain my work in the following points of sale :

AUCHAN SAPINNIERE - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 93 47 47
CORA HOUDEMONT - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 54 89 89
CORA ESSEY - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 29 85 85

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