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guestbook.gifNovels - These Three Days There... (extract)
  « This whiff of cool air helps me to take back my minds and
attenuate momentarily blows carried in my head.
Mysterious paper feels stifled under pressure of my
fingers and the perspective of its reading gives me wings.
Raised in front of me the staircase and its five levels;
today obstacle is transformed into ride

Since when I domicile in this old building?
For which reasons I chose such a sinister place,
where every tenant has the load to concern his shoulders
all sadness which frees from it?
Even by taking time of cogitation, I am
unable to remember me.

Voices speak to me and I cannot answer them ...

In the stairwell, mister Langlois took of
the advance and it is not a matter to exceed it, I decelerate
paces; her ascent causes a light displacement
with air and a cold wind slips slyly in my
neck, I shudder in spite of me.
Silent - his slippers with felt soles feel stifled
the noise of its not brittle draws an outline in halting paces,
bowed back, the hand irritated on the ramp, it climbs the one up
after other one steps slowly.
To have crossed it numerous times in the building,
I know that the third level is its destination.
Of a clumsy gesture it opens its door, the newspaper of one
hand and in other one its supplies, the time of
to separate from his baggage, I could differentiate a party of
his inside.
The light filtering its curtains not washed since of
decades, bother me in my observation post; I am
attacked by a smell of containing - made by dust
or of confined atmosphere it is probably ambience
of a home where live reclusive a Mister and his cat - I
have just seen a big tomcat, coiled in an armchair
in the past colours and in the glossy arm-rests.
Before leaving it greeted me inconspicuously.
The door closed again quietly on its loneliness.
I ignore everything of him. Our verbal exchange was always
succinct, I ask him:
- This goes mister Langlois?-
he answers me invariably:
- This can go - »

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