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Novels - Parfum des Sens
react.gifRefer to the comments in the FORUM
couverture_ParfumDesSens_[524x344px].jpg lire un extrait du premier chapitre...

  After "These Three Days There..."

introduce his
second novel
"Perfume of Senses"

* * * *

Richard Levasseur needed fifteen years of patient researches to attain the excellence in the elaboration of an unique juice, in the outstanding sensory powers, provoking jealousy and desires.

Amazing tale which takes the reader to the heart of the creation of a perfume, throwing confusion into most inured minds.

Extract was chosen to be its neutrality, revealing in no way and
history and numerous rebounds
Any order will have to be placed to the author to following address :

In return, the author will announce you his coordinates, which will allow you to send him your regulations by cheque.
Price is 20€.
On receiving of your regulations, the book will be sent to you by return of post.
 ISBN    978-2-9536800-0-3
 EAN     9782953680003
 Pages   310
 Format 15 X 21 cm
Price                            20€
Every book ordered directly to the author will be sent dedicated by this last.
Note of the author :
You can also obtain my work in the following points of sale :

AUCHAN SAPINNIERE - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 93 47 47
CORA HOUDEMONT - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 54 89 89
CORA ESSEY - NANCY   Tél: 03 83 29 85 85



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