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guestbook.gifNovels - PERFUME of SENSES (extract)

« His personal business and this nice overdemanding son weigh heavy in his daily, he makes the most of this repose imposed to complete successfully a secret held important mission and in his designs represents the participation of Janik, without this one knowing stake; to conjugate his own know-how in its knowledge of perfumes, in designer's talents of this last, could lead to a complete success of its ambitious plan; it arrived according to this long journey that is research, it is a question of days, he will choose the best instant to announce him it.


His inside just like its incomes introduces an upper-crust comfort, refined, sure tastes; a huge chesterfield covered with velvet of colour flax garnet occupies a big space of the living room, silk cushions bump into each other there, a carpet of east spreads out without scruple on an Office of Public Prosecutor of maple in the barefaced blondeur and to crown the whole, a chandelier of Venice casts its opalescence without temperance on group and each time it is given in Janik to burst into its inside, he sees her show repaitre where the production and good taste live together with refinement and elegance of places.


The admiration which carries Levasseur in Janik exceeds understanding. Enticed by his physical appearance as much as by his intelligence, it plans to approach it by means of a plan; everything must take place without giving the impression of any premedication, then he will not stay more than to persuade it of the relevance of its step and this such a waited instant this arrived is not more than a question of the hours... Mistigris participates greatly in his respectable plans, its uninterrupted passages from a window to the other one are it of a precious assistance.

The ideal circumstances did not come yet.

It is so nice and so young, it is impossible to remain uninterested in front of so much perfection; too much haste could harm its plans and in their culmination it will need her.


To wait is not a vain word, fifteen years of his life were dedicated to its researches and it is not some days furthermore that are going to destabilize it. Without forgetting therefore the deep sense of his step, he especially does not want to disappoint it nor to lose it before having found it. »


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